Dancer in the Heart


Stephen Abhaya is best known to San Franciscans as Steve Brooks, the author of Philip Blanc in San Francisco (1972), one poet of  Five on the Western Edge  (1976), and creator of hilarious satiric one-man shows, including “The Blood and Turnips Poetry Festival.”  In 1992 he was given the name Abhaya by H.W.L. Poonjaji, also called Papaji.  A prolific visual artist as well as a writer, he has had two one-person shows  at the Amby Edinger Art Gallery in Ellensburg, Washington, outside Seattle, and in 1999 he co-authored a university textbook with Joan Amby, Sex in All Our Lives  and contributed to Good Company, an anthology of alumni work from his alma mater, Grinnell College.

“There is something remarkable in these ‘Eternal Ruse’ poems.  I especially liked ‘The Eternal Ruse’ and ‘Sweetheart’.”
--Robert Bly

“Prepare to Dance” (i.e., the “Roomless Room” poems) is stunning — the prospector stumbles upon a gold nugget bigger than her own heart?  Her heart remains everywhere.”

--Anne Valley Fox, author of
Sending the Body Out and Your Mythic Journey